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Jesus Palm Sunday

 Palm Sunday

 In our mind we can picture Jesus’ Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem. The people recognize the Jesus for his devotion to God, the Father and the teachings Jesus delivered as the way to fulfill our obligation to the Higher World.

Jesus teaches Love fulfills the Law and models the path for the Piscean age and the sixth ray of devotion. Once, when in India, I saw such a demonstration of love for Babaji and I alwas think of it at Palm Sunday.

 Today as in the past, the very heart of Lent is working on our relationship with the Higher World. We begin with self-examination and inner healing holding our intent, reconciliation of the inner and the outer as a great goal. We renew our commitment to grow spiritually through love, prayer, reflection, perseverance and positive ways to keep our heart in harmony with the Great Heart.

Each of us is challenged to go beyond our physical duties in this time of transition from age to age and ask ourselves if the message given by Christ Jesus 2000 years ago still has value. And as we do so, we must determine how best to honor these principles. How do we operate from our wisest self as we move into a new age and align these teachings and the new ones we are getting from Spirit. The teachings of each Age build on the previous one. We continue to grow by Opening the Heart and awakening to other High Principles. In the new period ahead we will gain more understanding and be less fanatical in our approach. Religion will become spirituality for many and not be the force it is today.

Christ Jesus told the world He would be with us always. By believing The Christ or Holy Consciousness is ever present in the Spiritual Reality and accepting he is in touch with His Disciples through the spiritual realms, we realize many are already serving to construct the Plan that they receive. This is not imaginary but being done as each engages his or her human skills and makes spiritual contact. It is rather like a dot-by-number plan from the Higher World that is coming into place. We may or may not be aware of it.

Persons aligned to the plan are to serve without disturbing other workers or other pieces of the Plan, knowing each is important. Co-workers do not have to like each other; they love and serve the higher purpose and in that manner they strive together to do the higher will.

On Palm Sunday we honor Master Jesus for the unique service he rendered. This is the story of the fourth initiation and it requires we give our life for something and it may mean living for a principle, not physically dying, but the giving of our life is the key. celtic

Symbols of the Lenten messages most often used are the cross which is not truly a Christian symbol but has been used for centuries to remind us we must bring the duality of spirit and matter together. The reality is heart and mind must come together before the higher mind can be gained. The message of Love as given by Christ Jesus to humanity is to live and work from the heart center. Thus, the Christ is identified with the Christian tradition and Love.

A mandala of three circles is often used as well reminding us the first circle is the crown of thorns with which Jesus was crowned. This speaks of the pain of breaking through from the limited consciousness to the unlimited. The second circle is a laurel wreath acknowledging “the peace that passes understanding” as one becomes One with the Source of Life. Third is a Lotus blooming…shining radiantly for all to see is the Thousand Petal Lotus of High Consciousness that is the mark of the Path of Initiation.

These three steps stand like steps one, two and three before us. We are to be renewed again and again, as all nature does. Each stage provides us experience and information, then from information to knowledge and then we advance from knowledge to Wisdom.

The Path of Initiation needs better understanding and perhaps we need reminding of the Greater Plan. The major difference between Atlantean times and today is that those past candidates were unconscious. They were put to sleep or tested in the inner worlds behind sleep with no awareness of their inner life or that ones could know in the outer. In the past, candidates were dependent upon one with spiritual sight, their Shaman, to tell them what happened, how near they were to a goal and what to do it to achieve it.


Today’s candidates are encouraged to know with their developed mind and senses. These have well developed mental bodies. They can perceive for themselves their direction once they are guided through the glamours and illusions. Even when the astral body was in development, the astral plane (desires, glamours) was a trap and for this reason disciples were and are warned about the distortions that happen in this tricky place, particularly about the lure of the psychic senses. The teachers knew this was a dangerous passage and likely to draw one off the path to the higher reality.

Today’s candidates are warned likewise about the dangers of the intellect which can be likened as illusion…that draw one off the path of Wisdom into the worship of intellect. The teacher and teachings are to help us face the dangers with the student to bring them past this point.

The Lord Buddha
anchored the principle of Wisdom knowing that the astral nature of the people had to have a mental component to tame it. For this reason, the teachings of “right action“were given. He delivered The Four Noble Truths and the Eight-Fold Path and is remembered with love and great appreciation for that service by all Wisdom Teachings.

Christ Jesus knew that those in whom the emotional and the mental nature was partially developed could not go any further until they opened the heart center and brought down the inner knowing of higher reality. So the principle of Love fulfills the Law is offered to those who would take a next step on the path of initiation.

Today’s greatest challenge is a lack of Love; a love great enough to perceive the difference between self and selfishness, love and emotion, ego and personality, By becoming a soul-infused personality one is cleaned of most glamours. We must be reminded that the Lord Christ (High Consciousness- not Master Jesus) promises protection to those who call in His name for protection from the forces of distortion, glamour and illusion. Each has character flaws of which we are to rid ourselves. This is the rescue from darkness the Lord promised.

Lucifer was called the Angel of Light because he held the lights for those who followed him into the denser world. The challenge was that in the Light those who came into the material world would experience the good and the pain, the joy and the ecstasy. This duality would not be the same for each but conditions with many challenges. Within this duality the teachings would be revealed and be offered to awaken the travelers to higher truth. They would see and begin to engage with the false world of desire and illusion, astral and material, and have to then free the mselves.

 Lucifer sometimes just an angel of Light…Lucifer means light…

evolution involution awakening

So Lucifer, the name means Light, leads humanity into (our) powers of choice, free will, thereby providing opportunities to overcome the lower tendencies, and of mastering the lower worlds. In such a way humanity was to become all that it could be. Remember, made in the image and likeness of the Elohim. Think about involution led by Lucifer and evolution led by the Christ. In this way we see and can understand humanity’s path easier.

Mary Magdalene and red eggPalm Sunday has lots of additional symbology within it…We can think of eggs as symbol of fertility as are bunnies. We can remember the red egg story of Mary Magdalene and Caesar; we can recall the statement told and retold of Jesus calling out, “oh, how thou does honor me” from the cross and that women stayed with Jesus because death is one of the feminine mysteries. 

Palm Sunday leads us deep into mysteries and we will see that this week as we explore Holy Week. We approach this special time with new fervor realizing that we in due time will give our life for something we deem of such value…perhaps we can not see it now but as we walk our path we discover deep fervor growing within.

We look forward of the true Esoteric Easter as it is practiced quietly; then Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and the Outer Easter Sunday…yes, we experience the fiery mysteries and we see we are like a candle-in- the -making. First a string is dipped into the wax. Then pulled out and dried, then dipped again and again and each time a bit more of the reality of the inner clings to us. We become more a candle, a Light, in the outer world.

Now we look ahead for building a glorious Holy Week. We will have the real Easter on Full Moon or Aries (which is a movable date that occurs close at hand), Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, the interval between Good Friday and Easter Morn and then the beautiful Celebration of the Risen Christ. Plan ahead this is a full week that comes.

Blessings, Carol


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