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Long recognized as an inspired spiritual leader, Carol has stimulated many people to rejoice in their oneness with God.  Her presentation of the esoteric aspects of early Christianity, free of doctrine and adornment, reinforces our acceptance of the Christ.

Carol’s personal quest for spiritual awareness began when she had a near death experience at 24. She has studied with many knowledgeable teachers, in a wide range of subjects, in the field of self-realization. She has traveled world wide as a seeker and student of the ageless wisdom teachings.

Ordained in 1971, Carol left a promising business career to devote herself to her ministry and lecturing in the human potential movement. Having directed the Villa Serena community of Sarasota, Florida, for several years, she was led by spiritual guidance in 1981 to establish the community of Sparrow Hawk Village in the foothills of the Ozarks near Tahlequah, Oklahoma. There she served as President of Light of Christ Community Church until 2009 and Academic Dean of Sancta Sophia Seminary until her retirement in June 1, 2010.  Since then, she is as busy as ever teaching, writing and conducting seminars all over the country.

Through the years, so many of her students have become teachers and ministers, she is known as a teacher of teachers.

Having served 40 years as minister and establishing a spiritual community, a church and a seminary during that tenure, Carol continues to live in the Spiritual Community of Sparrow Hawk Village where she has established a new ministry, Chapel of Christ Sophia.

Due to the influence of the incoming Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Magic and Ritual she continues to participate in rituals emphasizing growth and service.  Her personal interest has always been on introducing others to esoteric understanding and mentoring private students and small groups.  She shares wisdom ways and inner work such as prayer, meditation and rites which precipitate growth.  Carol was ordained a Priest in the order of the Church of Antioch, an offshoot of the Liberal Catholic Church Tradition in 2011 and was consecrated an autocephalous Bishop in the Malabar Tradition with full apostolic succession.  She seeks to revive an interest in the transformational magic of the Ceremonial Mass.

Deriving great pleasure from sharing with others, Carol still travels several times a year.  As a Highlysought lecturer and workshop leader on the international circuit. she has traveled to many countries to meet other esoteric groups and respected teachers. In 1995, Rev. Parrish was a major presenter at the Solar Initiation Ceremonies in Mexico as guest of Hunbatz Men, wisdom keeper of the Maya, and 2000, she addressed a Muslim audience of 1400 in Turkey. Among Dr. Parrish’s many honors are the 2005 International Nebolsin Medal (Russian) for outstanding service in the field of education for the common good of humanity and the 1997,98 Earl Award for Religious Futurist of the Year for exceptional achievement in the field of religious futures activities.

Dr. Parrish is the author of  over fourteen books.  She is currently writing a series of e-books on the different aspects of  love. The first book is Love is a Promise. She has recently published the Esoteric Secrets of Love, Passion and Sex. The final book in the series will be on Sacred Relationships.

Among her currently published books are:  Sophia Sutras, Introducing Mother Wisdom, examines the tradition of the divine feminine: its history, its meaning, and its revival.  The New Dictionary of Spiritual Thought was prepared by Carol as a result of over 40 years of spiritual study. It is a valuable and useful reference for all students of spirituality and the esoteric traditions of psycho-spiritual development.

If you enjoy studying by lesson you will want to know about and Adventure in Meditation, Spirituality for the 21st Century, a three volumes series that received the 1996,97,98 Athena Awards for Mentoring Excellence.

All of Carol’s books and tapes are available through her office. Contact us at (918) 453-0250 or e-mail us at or visit our shop on Amazon. Amazon.