Workshop And Lecture Topics

I present lectures and workshops on many spiritual topics throughout the U.S.A. and internationally. If you would like to sponsor a workshop, you may reach me at my home office. Call 918-453-0250 for details.

Agni–A Path for the Future

Agni is a New Age approach to spirituality. The goal is to live a purer life by following inner guidance with a series of themes–not rigid rules and dogma–for direction. Aspirants learn to integrate striving, duty, harmony, and service in their lives on an individual basis. This introduction to the philosophy and practices of Agni (not Hatha) Yoga includes the clearing of glamours and illusions and the practice of meditation to connect with one’s inner self.

A Christianity for Today

Is Christianity really a transformational technique? If so, what does it have to offer us today? A revitalized Christianity is appearing as it integrates equality, spirituality and interfaith concepts. Today’s Christian experience is more like the early church than like the denominations that have nurtured it down through the centuries. The heart-centered path that blessed the original disciples is again stirring individuals to take a new and refreshing look at the kind of person they want to be.

A New Look at Sex, Love, and Relationships

We will study challenges brought to our most personal relationships as we develop and deepen our spiritual practices. Each aspirant faces change and adjustment as love confirms new meaning and greater value. Subjects of exploration are: levels of consciousness, masculine-feminine balance, the power of mating, sexual disciplines, homosexuality, keys to healthy relationships–and various evolutions of the cosmos functioning together.

Christianity as a Transformational Process

When we say we are Christian what does it mean? Can it be a social identity or are we saying we are transforming our life and living in a new way? A Christian life without “dogma” and “doctrine” introduces an awareness that something else can guide us. Are we beings in transformation climbing to new heights or going in a circle?

ChristoSophia, Love-Wisdom

The “divine within … the hope of glory” is recognized in each tradition dressed in the culture to which it was given. Our task is to birth ChristoSophia. The time is nigh.

Death Is Life Too

The end of a cycle brings challenges of new beginnings. Let us prepare for the stretching, growth, and service that life brings. We will discuss how to stay open to life and its poignant moments. As we learn how to become a support for those who are changing or dying, we simultaneously prepare ourselves. Living life more fully becomes our day-to-day goal as we grow spiritually. Practical approaches, creative planning, and high idealism blend in the active process of being a help to each other and the world around us.

Discover the Personal Trinity at Work Within You!

This fun workshop helps us see more clearly the work of natural influences in our lives. Keys in astrology and numbers reveal qualities and timing to which we are attuned. Understand the work of celestial hierarchies and how that touches your personality. Get to know your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant (but this is not an astrology workshop). We will use the ‘celestial clock’ to discover what your inner nature seeks to learn from this lifetime. Remember, you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

Exploring Esoteric Christianity

In the esoteric tradition, Christianity is one of the most recently delivered messages of spiritual living brought to Earth by the Christ. Jesus, the Master, is accepted as the Christed One who is to guide humanity in taking a step forward in evolution. The esoteric viewpoint presents the relationship between God and each of us as continuous and evolving, with a need for revelation from age to age. We will study Christian bases for beliefs in reincarnation, karma, and the Path of the Initiate as lived by the Wayshower Jesus.

Facing Life after Life–Here and Now

In this workshop, death is presented as a doorway to the next stage of life. Carol covers the meaning of near-death experiences; wisdom teachings; how to help patient, survivor, and oneself as death approaches; how to heal that vacuum the loss of a loved one has left; and how to compare death to various life traumas. Assistance will be given to help one minister to those dying or facing great loss, as well as preparation for service in the growing death-and-dying field.

From Churches to Temples of Initiation

Watching as age old religions with their belief systems based on devotion rapidly fade, we can easily grow increasingly disillusioned. As the movement from ray to ray demands civilizations die or transform, we seek to perceive the subtle messages that will guide humanity through the changing of the ages. Challenged to perceive the new approaches emerging from inner reality, “soul-infused” individuals are to bring the subjective one world religion to outer form. Emerging Temples of Initiation call all to embrace soul-infusion and love-wisdom.

Initiations and the Evolution of the Human Group Mind

This weekend gives us the opportunity to explore the initiation process, steps toward spiritual expansion in life in this life and after physical life. Carol will also help us understand the Divine Plan as it demonstrates through major human races and ages–Lemurian, Atlantean, Piscean, and Aquarian–at different times in the 18-million-year history of human life. Developing a comprehension of this difficult subject area is essential to true knowledge of Ageless Wisdom precepts.

Life … Using Intuition, Imagination and the Divine Within

Modern life often gets so hectic we lose our appreciation of creative play. Add sparkle and delight to every day by rediscovering the nature of the divine within. High Play encourages perception and intuition, enhances right use of our image-making ability, and prompts us to see our gifts and talents as tools of spirit as we are being led to our path and toward enlightenment.

Love, Freedom, Beauty and Joy

The energies of the higher world (the soul) blend to create the freeing power of Grace. We shall study each quality and the power of Grace.

Meditation: More Than Listening

Meditation serves a specific purpose in a devotee’s life as does prayer. We often seek to do God’s will, but have little understanding of how to come into alignment with it. We shall explore levels of meditation and the what, why and how of each.

Mysteries of the New Era

Christianity is in the midst of ‘the second reformation,’ and we are part of either the problem or the solution. As new vibrations bombard us, change is occurring everywhere. Each collective is changing frequencies, tools, and its mind. Having achieved much, we now face the new work. We will define re-emerging mysteries and clarify processes at work within humanity as it is made new. New work, new dimensions, new levels, and new focal points await. We will study the 40 points of the Divine Plan as esoterically presented to clarify our work as world servers at this particular time. Do we understand what is ours to do? Join us for exciting and thoughtful discussions.

The Mystery: Fully Human and Truly Divine

Dare we face the challenge of hat it means to have a promised birthright beyond our understanding? “Remember Ye are Gods” calls each aspirant to new heights. Can we indeed transcend human limitations and dare to reach for transformation as a part of the human experience? Sacred writings promise “embrace the mystery and go free!”

Opening to the Healing Consciousness

As we explore basic principles of healing and channeling healing energies, we cover I) the consciousness of healing; 2) harmony between the selves; 3) energy systems; 4) self-healing; and 5) challenges of absentee healing. Our purpose is to offer a new awareness of techniques to open oneself as a conduit; how to program a health consciousness; prayer therapy; releasing negativity; and creating your healing style.

Path of Light–Personality and Soul

Five challenging areas comprise this course’s penetration into symbolic terms and concepts encapsulating the truths within esoteric teachings, thus liberating the individual to fuller potential: 1) training personality; 2) piercing veils that segregate consciousness–glamour, illusion, and ‘dweller on the threshold’; 3) seeing the soul as the Path, and the role of Solar Angel; 4) becoming the true goal–self-realization; and 5) exploring human, solar, and cosmic initiations. Note: An advanced meditation workshop.

Prophecies: Choose Love or Challenges

Humanity stands at the crossroads. We can move forward toward the challenges of separation or learn to live lives of impersonal love. At crisis points humanity with its free will chooses its own future. By opening ourselves to higher love, we find our way toward the vision of ancient wisdom or by default, humanity casts itself into darkness.

Recognizing Intuition

Learn how intuition makes itself known and how the symbolic language of the inner nature can be stimulated. As humanity moves from intellect to intuition we will all become more aware of new ways of knowing and better attuned to the “wee small voice within”. What effect does our society, our experiences and our wounds have upon intuition? We will discuss how to understand dream language, fleeting impressions and our reactions by understanding the tools of our inner nature with more clarity. This is a fun evening and a fun workshop. Each of us has more abilities than we recognize. Come and see!

Reincarnation–A Piece of the Puzzle

Is it true that, as one commercial says, ‘We only go around once’ in this world? Or, like the planet in its cycle, do soul-entities evolve through a series of living experiences toward conscious Oneness? Once the precept of Eastern philosophy, today reincarnation finds increasing credence in many cultural and scientific realms. Indeed, most students of the arcane view the current transition time as one of mass reincarnation. This in-depth study of historical, spiritual, and esoteric ideas reveals reincarnation as an evolving tool for perfection, an aid to discovery of the inner self.

Steps to Spirituality            

As we move our awareness from mastering the physical to the challenge of the inner, we find ourselves taking four giant steps (and many lesser steps within each). Our work defines and explores each step with daily exercises, meditations, and experiential work. The challenging levels are 1) Extended Sense Awareness, 2) Learning the Laws and Opening the Heart, 3) Building the Chalice, 4) Personalizing the Path–Know Thyself. We investigate each area as an overview and a way to personalize. Suggestions to continue the work for the coming year will be given.

Shustah Meditation Symbols

A tool for intuitive development created to aid in establishing greater communication between one’s inner and outer perceptions. Symbols have long been used to trigger intuitive awareness. These are particularly clear and simple. They are designed to help us receive insights to our lives, as well as being particularly useful in working with others. Each symbol can be used for meditation and/or divination. This workshop is fun!

Ten Points to Self-Actualization

Each spiritual tradition reveals how to become the ‘future being’ even as we live life now. Those with eyes to see and ears to hear are ready. Esoteric teachings of Christianity reveal new realities and challenge us to live from the wisdom of the Self within. We explore practices vital to inner life. Affirm your divine potential, and empower your future today.

The Future is NOW

Agni teachings say “catch a glimpse of yourself as an enlightened one and be that now.” We stand in the midst of the chaos with one part welcoming change, the other frightened. This is the time we’ve been waiting for as we invoke the Christ and Spirit Reality. The great axiom is “thinketh in the heart.” What are we waiting for?

The Incoming Seventh Ray and the Changes It Will Bring

We have lived in a world maintained by Ray Six energy for centuries and know it well. We understand the old energy of devotion, many of its purposes and its power. Frequently we hear about the “incoming seventh ray” but have little understanding of the shifts that can accompany such a major change. Embracing the unknown makes us uncomfortable, but with preparation we can develop enthusiasm about the pending change and assist the Greater Plan to become a reality. In this workshop we shall explore what is known or expected as we move through this major transition. The energy freed up by dissolving the old patterns must now be evolved into the new. The fresh cosmic push will find expression in re-creating our ever-evolving Earth life.

The Inner Presence, Called by Any Name

Contacting that Inner Lord is the work of all spiritual devotees, no matter what their path  or philosophy. Carol Parrish shares ways this contact can be built and strengthened. Tools and techniques will be emphasized, as well as symbols and concepts.

The Interlocking Relationship Between Meditation, Dreams and  Fantasies

The goal is new understanding of the dream-maker and how to apply this information to fantasies and meditation. Few realize how connected dreams are to psychic skills. Dreams expose deeper feelings, meanings, and concerns of the hidden nature. Participants discover ways to work with the basic self and enrich themselves through symbology and inner exploration. This is a fun week-end and insightful as well, as participants peek behind the veil of consciousness, discover new tools and build knowledge about the relationship between the inner self and personality.

The Seven Rays

An introduction to the vital energies called the Rays, which flow from the higher world to affect the Earth and all life thereon. These seven streams help us develop and reflect. Carol will explore the nature of these energies and help spiritual students recognize their own principal influences–positive and negative–as they find keys to themselves and their growth.

The Way to Higher Consciousness

As we move our awareness from mastering the physical to the discovery of the inner, we find ourselves challenged to take giant steps in many small increments. We begin by digging 50 one-foot holes as we eagerly try to learn something about everything! Soon we discover a path that satisfies the inner self in such a way that we now dig one hole 50 feet deep. In a natural evolution we move from hearer to seeker, from seeker to finder, and from finder to doer. Where are you in your spiritual life? We will examine blocks to our progress, religion v. spirituality, extended sense awareness, and more, as you determine your own personal path.

The Yoga of Christ     

“There is no east nor west, no male nor female” reminds us that in the Christ there exists no separations and divisions, but here we are made whole. The challenge remains as we are guided by a variety of practices that we are one people going toward the Creator even while living unique lives and meeting individualized challenges. We shall explore ideas and practices to help free us of dogma so we can experience the Light more clearly. A workshop for bridging concepts of Esoteric Christianity, Kabalah and Agni Yoga.

The Yoga of Synthesis for the Aquarian Age

Agni, i.e., ‘Ethical Living,’ is said to be the yoga for the new era. Based on an emerging awareness of orderliness, economy, and right relationships, Agni emphasizes purification of personality so the magician within–the True Self–can do the transformational work of healing and realigning the dualities of material life. Ray 7, ceremonial magic, weaves together ancient wisdom and the first concepts of the new being, a new appreciation of spirit and matter and tools to know thyself. Bring your astrology chart (you do not need to know astrology, but a chart will be most helpful) and enthusiasm.

Three Parallel Evolutions: Human, Angelic, and Spacial

As we grow into becoming authentic human beings, we must allow others to be who they are! Each kingdom has its blessings and its challenges? Is it possible to transfer from one kingdom to another? We will discover what wisdom teachings say about life in other dimensions: angels and devas, terrestrials and extra-terrestrials. We reframe fears by understanding the higher worlds and life everlasting. We learn how angels came to be and what they can teach us. Find out more about space beings: what is known, what their purpose might be, what type of interaction is appropriate? What about Masters and the Hierarchy–helpers and messengers from higher realms? How do the kingdoms interact? Let us explore what these unseen kingdoms may provide at this time of great change in planetary life.

We Can All Be Agni Yogis

Empowered to choose our path and design our commitments, we seek to release judgments and embrace opportunities with renewed enthusiasm. We come to know there is less structure and more freedom at each advancing level; we begin to comprehend the implications of liberation. Discipleship means refining our nature to vibrate more clearly. Both heart and mind provide keys to being fully human and fully divine. We will rejoice in our day together.

Well being as a Lifestyle: The Five Aspects of Holistic Living

Discipleship is the development of the five aspects of ourselves–physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social. As we move along the path of initiation and develop. These five are changing the vibration of earth, water, air, fire, and ether. This presentation will consider means, goals, and consequences of developing each of the five aspects, as well as the planetary implications for healing work. Inner and outer natures overlap.

What the World Needs Now is Radical Spirituality

A Radical Spirituality invokes a new way of being. Unknown but lurking in our hearts is a way of life not yet found but longing to emerge. Heart-centered ways seek human hands to fulfill their goals. The immense need of our modern world forces us to awaken. Social destruction reigns as we face increased abuse, dangerous addiction, and a false allegiance to distorted values. Awakened ones call for a spirituality honoring the sacred in all life. Dynamic creativity offers unsuspected opportunities to embrace values that sustain life and honor each as we rediscover Sophia, Mother Wisdom.

Living? Why Choose Community

What does it mean to live in an intentional community? How does this differ from neighborhoods? What is spiritual life-styling? If community is the way of the future, how can we adjust? Must I move? How can we create community wherever we are? What kind of community is right for me; or am I even right for community? We will discuss keynotes, vision, purpose, rules, and freedoms, and just how much sharing is enough.

You are a Trinity – Know the Whole Story

This fun workshop combines astrology, numerology, themes, and virtues to look at one’s personal journey with an emphasis on catching a glimpse of our part in the plan. Participants will need to bring their natal charts.

Tools for Growth and Transformation

As we seek higher consciousness tools abound. It is in the practice and dedication that change occurs. We shall explore the components of basic self, personality and soul and how they contribute to the whole. As we seek greater clarity, our work is to embrace energies that transform.

The Making of A Mystic

A change of subjective boundaries leads to a momentary release of the limitations of the rational approach to daily life allowing an inner movement in how we perceive, see and understand situations.  This re-arrangement lifts us beyond understanding and into a new love for which we are waiting.

Christians are taught to love by Christ but not so many really expand their heart and come to know what this truly means. Mysticism is the next step beyond sensitivity, whether we understand it or not.

There is a process developing in each of us; Awakening–Illumination–and Enlightenment. Let us ponder the process together and see if, indeed, we can love with a new love.

Developing Your Personal Practice

Each is challenged of the personal strengths and weaknesses of our own nature to find the wisdom ways that will support our Soul in its journey from darkness to light, from the dense world to high consciousness. To gain spiritual maturity we must empower the Soul in its quest through personal practices. Let’s work together to outline a practice of light and love.

Behind the Veil of Death: the Continuity of Life

Carol experienced a near-death experience in 1958 in which she met a Being of Light, “a magnificent presence”. The experience totally changed her life.

She then served as a Death and Dying Counselor for ten years in St. Petersburg and Sarasota, Florida before moving to Tahlequah, Oklahoma. She served twenty five years as a Chaplin at Tahlequah City Hospital before retiring. Carol is the author of many books including: A New Age Handbook on Death and Dying.

Her many experiences allowed her o teach these personal skills at Sancta Sophia Seminary for thirty years. She now continues to share on tele-conferences and some personal appearances each year.

Behind the veil of death many interesting events occur. Some are remembered and some are not but they serve to make profound changes in the life of the experiencer. “Come, let us share, question and learn.”

Taking  Stable Steps – Facing 2012 with Hope

In a time of uncertainty and instability those who can keep peace with themselves and go with the flow, hold the world together even as adjustments must occur.

Spirituality is our tool. We will remind ourselves of what to do and how.


The Divine Feminine: “Sophia, the Intuitive Guide, Becomes Known.”

Sophia returns to the hearts and minds of her people, though she has been lost to many, Esoteric Christianity has always understood the transformational power of Wisdom, but failed  to tell us Sophia was God’s Holy Spirit.

Judaism has Kabalah, and Shekinah. Islam has Sufism and the word Sufi comes from Sophia.Christianity has it’s hidden side, often called Sophianic. Understanding Esoteric Christianity changes the way we perceive the world in which we live. Come and discover “She who lives within.”