The Aquarian Rosary–Reviving the Art of Mantra Yoga

$9.95 – book version

$12.95 – CD version

These invocations and rituals of great spiritual power can be used easily by large numbers of people to help guide humanity through the approaching period of global transition. Speaking these holy mantras will invoke the power of Good into each life, uplift and stimulate open minds, and build a heart center that can utilize the Lots Of Vital Energies (LOVE) of the unfolding human soul.

The Aquarian Rosary is an adaptation of the traditional Roman Catholic rosary for the new era that embraces the divine feminine aspect of God. Invoking the Mother of the World through devotion to Mary brings forth this feminine, receptive, and nurturing energy to help balance the present masculine aggressive energy in ourselves and society.

    Excerpts from reviews:

  • “Truly beautiful prayers-imaginatively created with an inimitable ‘cosmic flair’-are interspersed with profound spiritual insights and philosophical reflections on the Wisdom traditions of other Faiths, East and West.” –Fr. John Rossner, Ph.D. Episcopal Priest, Dept. of Religion Concordia University, Montreal
  • “…An outstanding job…a very significant contribution…” – Peter Roche de Coppens, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, East Stroudsburg University, PA

    also available on audio cassette