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Chapel of Love-Wisdom

CEP Office Dear Friends, Neighbors and Public

We have had a busy summer and my note is late to let you know there have been a number of changes in my office. We have been catching up on details these last few weeks and are now ready to share them.One big job that is about half completed is the cleaning of my garage. My effort is to get it done prior to winter. It is my second big effort since Charles has been gone and I only partially did the first. This time, I am more vigorously attacking the chore. Life is much harder alone.We have a new staff member, Marilyn Hisington, who has joined LaRhonda and me.  We are very happy to have Marilyn who will begin this week.Several changes have taken place since the last time I wrote.

I.    The Chapel has changed it’s name. The new name for my teaching, tutoring and prayer work is now:

         The Chapel of Love-Wisdom
701 East Ridge Dr.
Tahlequah, OK. 74464

Our phone number is (918) 453-0250
II.  I also have a new e-mail address:
I will be using both emails for a while but shall changing to the new one now and the old address,, will be gone by year end. Please update your contacts list, if you please.
III.  I continue to serve as Bishop in association with the Catholic Ascension Alliance and The Chapel of Love-Wisdom is chartered under them. We are no longer affiliated with The Chapel of Christ Sophia.  The Chapel of Love-Wisdom is a 501 C3 and our funds carry our work into as many lives as possible.We still do the same sincere sharing.

We teach private students twice a month over the telephone, conference calls and private one on one. It is working very well. I have some openings for private students, if you are interested, we need a personal conversation. Please contact me at or send a note. I will be pleased to discuss. I am affiliated with a credible school and can point you toward a long range goal in ministry or we can study independently just as well.

I share my teaching material about a variety of subjects by Tele-Classes. Often they are a focused subject of three sessions per series. The cost is $30.00 per class which includes all sessions.  We are working on offering the classes on-line for individual study, after the live classes are completed. We will be sending out details soon.

I certainly thank everyone for their support, encouragement, and prayers. I really think I am a prayer person and try to do this with great sincerity. Love to all

Carol Parrish-Harra

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