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The Dawning of the Aquarian Age Tele-Class, October 12, 19 and 26

Join Rev. Carol E. Parrish as we explore The Dawning of the Aquarian Age
October 12, 19 and 26th, 2016 at 7:00 pm CST.

What an exciting time we are living in.
Planetary life begins anew!


What does The Aquarian Age hold for us as the 7th Ray manifests?

It is a mystery and we will all be affected. Humanity itself is changing and that changes our world. Are you living in a joyful way or are you frightened by what others say?

The Seventh Ray is the Ray of Right Relationship with all things working in harmony.  It rules ceremonial magic, finances, orderliness and a new appreciation of the Divine Feminine.

As we come to realize what a blessing we are to be for all the lesser kingdoms, we will do better. Not enough of humanity recognizes the opportunity given to us…”made in image and likeness of the Creator means we are little creators”.
Did you create your home, your job, your hobby? Have you awakened the Self within?
Join Rev. Carol Parrish as we examine the new interest in  values and service. As the Divine Feminine advances in our consciousness we seek a new understanding of Mother Earth, Nature and our interaction with both the heaven world and physical. The feminine side of humanity has been restricted and its contribution little understood.
Now, balance is coming and we will all benefit when our masculine nature and feminine nature can work together in a new way.In this workshop we will focus on issues restricting us from achieving the inner peace we desire. The psychological self is being tested for each of us as we live in a world of conflict. Mother Earth and Nature are partners in our world and we are coming to realize the part they play. This is not just a religious approach, it is also a scientific one…and truly, we all know that.

The Meaning of the Seventh Ray is hidden in all mystery traditions because the great spiritual Creator holds higher awareness for those wise enough to see the hidden value of Spirit and Matter working together.

As our survival nature helps us live through rough periods we each find our inner wisdom prevails. When we see others being destructive, it indicates we have refined our Self past that destructive urge. Now that we have made progress how are we shaping our  personal life to be even more Caring, Responsible and Realize we can make a difference.

Let us focus on our better side and mature into our potential. The Seventh Ray is one of the Creator’s streams of energy that delivers a more mental, organized stimulation to our mind.

The brain is an organ; when working well the mind generates patterns, understanding and creativity. Eventually, we understand we are each the captain of our own ship and then we learn to choose and evaluate our  choices in a more mature or different way.

We are not talking about manifesting our self-centered desires; we are going to become a more wise one.

Do you hear television talk about colonizing Mars?

The Creative genius of humanity is already seeking to explore foreign territory. We left our first garden to go forth and mature into the Genius of our Creator, but we  as of yet have not realized what our future holds.

The Angelic Kingdom and humanity are cousins. We are made only a little denser than they and as we are evolving we are becoming more like them. As we are becoming less dense, we are learning of other ways life exists that those of the denser world can not yet see.Our sight is changing and the great Stream of Creative Rays aretaking on new meanings. Let’s talk about these unseen forces.

Each avatar or divine one witnesses to MORE. Let’s Create happiness, hope and a new broader kind of Love. Our sensitivity is needed by all kingdoms here on Earth and in time it will include the Cosmos, as well. Ancient wisdom parallels the Holy Books and Ancient Wisdom answers questions about the past as well as preparing  us for the future.

It’s a mystery but all will be affected. Let’s talk about it. 

Carol’s tele-classes are fun and easy to be a part of . Each class is approximately 90 minutes with lots of time for questions and discussion.

We offer playback and provide a link so you can listen to the class over again or if you can’t make it to the live class.

The class donation is $30.00 which includes all three class dates and reference materials and audio links for listening to the class again.

Call our office (918) 453-0250 to register using your credit card.

We gladly accept personal checks made out to:

The Chapel of Love-Wisdom
701 E. Ridge Dr.
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E-mail us at: if you have any questions.

We hope you will join us!

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