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Coping with Spiritual Emergencies, An Upcoming Tele-class

Join Rev. Carol Parrish for our upcoming Tele-Class:

  Coping with Spiritual Emergencies

June 9, 16 & 23rd   7:00 – 8:30 pm CST    $30.00

Designed to meet the needs of Spiritual Healers, Psychics, Energy Workers and those on the Quest.

Awakening psychically creates little understood difficulties for many as we begin the task of stitching two realities together. Often as we grow into greatness, we find ourselves peering into the non-physical where our perception alarms us.


Emergencies–great and small–occupy our lives as we struggle to keep going.

Psychic pain, familiar to the ancients, exists in the shifting reality around us.

Instances of Déjà vu, near death experiences, and other non-rational behavior makes us vulnerable to the many mysteries of life that abide in other dimensions.

Un-resolvable tears

Child birth and pregnancy


Panic attacks open us to seek answers in strange places. Each event leads to new information.

Learning how to handle living in a larger reality brings much psychic anxiety only now being looked at by mental health officials. The   familiar framework expands and disintegrates.

Embracing the Psychic sounds like play until we find we must stabilizes the new world of discarnates, angels, and our loved ones in spirit. Seeking guidance can bring fear and doubt until we find others with such experience.

As humanity swims in the currents of a new era, we must have trained and trust worthy guides to chart the course. New vocabulary, images and explanations wait to be found. Every healer, spiritual teacher, and energy worker needs to be prepared to assist and comfort others.

Breakdowns can become breakthroughs

Radical sexuality can be the awakening kundalini

Energy rushes and spontaneous tears can be indicators to wiser ones

Awakening Creates Internal Changes

psychic anxiety

This needs to be comprehended and out of this develops the mentor/student relationship.

Poised between the known and unknown, humanity is moving from spiritual children to maturing wise ones.   

We will explore and assist others to understand a number of difficult scenarios.

  • Near Death Experience  chakra baker side view

  • Restless Kundalini

  • Contacts with Discarnates

  • Psychic Disorders

  • Major Shifts of Consciousness

  • Confusion Upon Awakening

  • Angels and UFO experiences





Rev. Carol Parrish

Carol’s quest began with a Near Death Experience in 1958.

After having years of troubling energy experiences and a tearful inner life, she sought help and was led to George Richie, M.D., Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and Raymond Moody.

Her ministry was revealed in her experience and after following guidance, her life changed.

She was ordained in 1971 to specifically serve the higher world and to teach/share with others.

She continues to offer conversations and her understanding with those on their journey.

“The incoming 7th Ray builds on the foundation built by the 6th Ray of  profound devotion, to lead us, step by step, into an expanding universe. Now is the time for humanity to look within as well as without”.

“We have been to the moon, where else might we go?”

       “Stages of Enlightenment”

As defined by John White, an expert in the fields of consciousness research and human development, Author of What is Enlightenment? An age-old formula is: from orthonoia (mechanical behavior, or to keep straight) to metanoia (to go beyond or higher than) through paranoia (a state in which the mind is deranged, taken apart, and rearranged) so that a clear perception of reality might be experienced.

Paranoia is a condition well-understood by mystical and sacred traditions. Spiritual disciplines are designed to ease the passage from a limited state of consciousness to a higher state of awareness.

Because Metanoia has not been experienced by many, the role of paranoia is not well-understood in our culture. It is seen as an acerbated dead end, rather than a precondition to higher consciousness. The discomfort, confusion and suffering in paranoia is due largely to the destruction of illusion or ego.

Self-realized individuals understand the process and know transformation (all three stages) becomes the pathway to enlightenment.  The New Dictionary of Spiritual Thought, Carol E. Parrish-Harra, PH.D


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