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My Advent Message for 2015

Advent begins…..let’s be ready!

Introducing the time to prepare to forgive and to hope, a time for settling grievances, new beginnings and recounting our experiences on the journey to perceive their impact in a new way.
Christmas mysteries are called the “Water Mysteries” and guide us from the last Sunday to January 6th as to how to become the gentle, caring, compassionate one who answers to the “one who can be known by their loving-kindness.”

All paths begin by softening the hard heart. Advent is a message “to come.

A chosen scripture for today is James 5:7&8
Be patient, therefore, Brethren, until the coming of the Lord. Behold, the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the Earth, being patient over it until it receives the early and the late rain. You, also, be patient. Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand.

Annually, there is a great celebration in heavens and on earth. The Heroes/ Stars of our society move into position for their walk on the red carpet. Today we stand with expectancy to hear the call. Are we ready to walk the purple carpet, to greet others as dedicated as we, to attune ourselves to the sounds of the music of the spheres, to be rewarded with the voice of spirit and the magnificent images of the higher World.

Each year the cycle begins again with all the excitement of new beginnings. Our inner nature receives the call to move forward on our quest, some hear, others do and some don’t. Some allow fear to hold them in restriction, some are not interested, some knowing it means change and they are not ready for change.

The word Christ, from the Greek “Christos”, means anointed, enlightened, aware, and refers to the one carrying the Light, as in “I am the Light; Ye are the Light of the world. Ancient teachings reveal that each of us who walks a spiritual path ultimately reaches a state of divine at-one-ment, that is to say, called in the Christian tradition  “Christed.” In the East this is called Enlightenment. Jesus said, “He who believes in me shall do the works which I do; and even greater than these things he shall do.” (John 14:12). The exalted destiny of humanity, is to mirror a pure reflection of divine consciousness: as above, so below.

Thus, from an esoteric perspective advent is pregnancy, the nativity is a symbolic birth, the portrayal of humanity’s awakening and the quest. We can thus think of the wonder-filled symbology of the nativity as a silent portrait of the developing consciousness guiding us toward our source.
The symbol of the star over the Earth leading the Magi is the presence of the higher light of love, lots of vital energies. It represents the Christ of the planet—the Planetary Christ—not Jesus but the Planetary Christ-who watches over the Earth’s process of humanity’s awakening.
Advent launches the Christmas season with its goal of tenderness and love softening our hearts and minds.We enter a period leading us to the inner birth: A time of preparation, purification, and prayer, A time to develop joy in the midst of the darkness of the winter.

Water mysteries are to birthing a conscious relationship with our inner nature, to love others, and to create a sense of expectancy and hope. The Water Mysteries build the sacred insights and tenderness needed in order to come to an understanding of the first beginning steps on the path. The Christmas season adds us in developing the delicate inner nature and leads us to Epiphany, the laying of our gifts at the feet of the holy newborn, as did the Kings.

For some, Advent brings the opportunity to meet and greet the Water Mysteries. Here we prepare ourselves to allow our spirit to deepen its sense of love, hope, and joy. Here we see the golden model of good that asks us to care, feel, and rejoice in beauty and goodness even if no one around us dares to do so. We allow ourselves to respond to the spirit of Christmas, the music, the changing vibrations. We embrace the parables believing that we too can experience a few droplets of the rich inner reality that beacons us to open ourselves to a new condition.

All of this, is a part of Advent; we are called to come out of an artificial sophisticated society and let something within ourselves expand a bit. The secret desire of the inner nature is to fly free, find its tenderness, yet know its strength and dare to be. Advent sends out a call and some part of us moves toward a new awareness through the presence of the silent self.

Advent is arranged in such a way for us to do contemplations on a known path: expectancy, love & preparation, joy & hope, as higher consciousness intrigues us. By the end of the season we are to know ourselves with our new identity. We will do practices that lift our consciousness while symbols and music quiet the restless outer nature. There is a power behind Advent that until we reaches a certain stage of inner depth the subject evades our total life experience. If we hear the word it escapes us, till it is our beginning. We begin our walk toward excellence and the softening of our nature.


Water Mysteries provide teachings and practices that stimulate the divine seed within to come to stir. A seed to germinate has to have both water and light. The seed within us has the same needs. Tears of both joy and sadness supply the water, the questing mind brings light on the seed. Together a sprout emerges that increases our tenderness, even though at times, we try to resist. Our feeling nature is flooded with a desire for tenderness; the heart is stimulated to care, touch others, and to respond to needs.
The vibrations of the season work inwardly on each of us encouraging a higher vibration, a more caring nature. Each of us will, in time, experience the birth of the inner presence and the dedication of our true nature to the initiatory path. We have to give our self to something we determine is worth it. Just as we have to have water to sustain the outer body, we have to have tenderness, love-caring and generosity to continue the creation of our path.

Teachings tell us, as well, for humanity to be ready for the winter event of the darkness, we are to turn inward to survive and contemplate the purpose of life, at least our own. Our usual tough and self-centered nature longs to express its more generous side, the something that has been germinating desires to bloom.

From Winter Solstice to Christmas Eve the world is bathed in long swirls of cosmic energy that are moving the planet to a higher frequency, a new notch. The collective, as well, has been amped up; humanity is made new. The symbology tells the story whether we understand it or not. The cradle is our heart and it longs for the birth to fill it.

The influence of the higher world and the wise among the founding fathers of the Church realized these transforming power of these mysteries. Some could see etherically the change of frequently that humanity experienced. Some knew the wisdom ways and so prompted the birth of the expected messiah to be celebrated midst the shift of the planet as had been done previously by prior wise ones.

Thus the birth of the one who was to be the Piscean Christ was anchored to the holy night of Winter Solstice. Thus the stage is set for humanity to embrace the birthing hour and annually to experience the holiness that encourages new growth.

At Winter Solstice each year we are given the opportunity of meeting the energy of the Christ in our inner work. But quickly before we believe that is all the magic, wonder and transformation that is offered to us, Let us realize an even greater picture is taking place and you and I are apart of an even great experience.

Remember we defined Advent as meaning “to come”. Remembering this we must remember that we are also in the advent of a New Age. You and I have the good and serious fortune of having been chosen to be in the generation of humanity leading the collective into the new creation, the Aquarian Era.

We are charged to sense the impulse of the MANU, the teacher, of this new era and a new civilization. We are to respond to a new keynote. A new kind of life, a new understanding, a new ability to love and a new science is to open the door to a civilization born of our struggles for equality, rights and privileges.

We are creating a new mind and a wiser collective that will build a greater understanding of energy, ethics and the power of culture. We know we are to each guide ourselves and to release others. We have opened the door between the inner and the outer realities, both in ourselves and in the outer physical world as well.

We desire to see the infant self become the wise and caring self, unafraid of criticism knowing with the power of love, healing, and the attunement to the higher good for all, we recreate time and time again.

We are in this Advent of the New Era, under the influence of the Seventh Ray and Ceremonial Magic. We are gaining new tools for recreating all that is. A large number of incarnated persons are moving from third dimension, to fourth, and will continue to advance from fourth diminish to fifth.

We are a more refined creatures than our ancestors and with the awakening of the heart center, we will become even more the golden human of the grand carpet, the purple runway…We may not be Oscar but perhaps Oliver and Oprah. Advent is more than most understand. It is a call to be made new and Spirituality will bear its fruit.

A special but simple practice each of us can add to our private advent devotions is to hold each Christmas card we receive and send love and best wishes to that one/family for a brief minute. Practice LOVE.

First Sunday of Advent – Expectancy

This first Sunday of Advent, just like Mary, we seek to feel the excitement of expectation stirring within ourselves as we embrace our pilgrimage. We seek to know the Divine Will in our personal life, and commit to being a caretaker of the “divine within” as it unfolds. To be meaningful, our waiting is to be filled with Love. We seek to care more deeply, and to love with a new love living in abundant expectancy.

You may want to create an Advent wreath for these week as we will light the Candles knowing each candle represents a time period and has a particular thought to ponder.

Each of us began our journey:
• While waiting in darkness and unconsciousness, perhaps we were going to church, but not caring very much about what was going on there, personal concerns are most important. A period of growth is upon us. We begin to try harder to live a more ethical life and practice our devotions as best we can.
• We labor expectantly, and at some point we discover that the inner work must be done, not just the outer, in order to prepare for the Holy Birth of Christ Within, the Hope of Glory. First, we come to know that we must grow into a trust relationship with the Great Mystery of Life and the Invisible World of Spirit.  As we take our steps, we come to know both the symbolic, and the reality of the birthing stories of the Inner Lord. We also discover the challenges that are with us.  We learn to utter sincere prayers as we take our first steps on our journey.

We are to pray,
• For others and ourselves
• For leaders to be wise, and capable of solving humanity’s collective difficulties all over the world.
• For our loved ones to be stable and safe.
• For our lives to be rich with goodness; whatever that means to us at the moment.

We come to realize we want to know the end of the journey before we begin. This is the human nature. Yet today, we will gather our courage, and proceed anyway. The truth is, that each of us will travel a number of times around the advent circle before we realize how true it is that the Christmas Story is our story, and that the signs are always there to guide us.

Perhaps this year, we will recognize the uniqueness of our quest-not like anyone else’s. When time is right, we will light the Center Christ Candle in the center of the wreath, We will no longer see it as difficult or easier, but know it is “just as it is”. Today we once again prepare ourselves to begin the spiraling path of the journey upward, we choose to no longer continue to go in circles, but to spiral to higher frequencies, a more subtle knowing, and, to a more committed life. We shall do Advent this year as a disciple of the Most Holy.

We fan the flame within our heart to aid in purification, and give us light on our journey.  We quiet the demons of our own personality, while understanding that each of us is in transformation. We gratefully embrace the Season of the Approach this day grateful for growth and one another.

A dear friend sent me a lengthy poem; I will share one verse with you:

The Christ Child comes, like every other child to give the world a message.
What message have I come to give?
I seek guidance from the (Inner) Lord to express it in a word or image. Ponder this for a moment.
What message have you come to give?
I ask you today to make this Advent, the best Advent of your life.

Please, pray with me:

May we become more conscious of our inner nature.
May we strengthen our efforts to leave behind the limited, and embrace the
May we be grateful to the Thanksgiving Season that has led us to our  pilgrimage
May we give thanks in a new way, and let us pray that we may fulfill our reason for

Advent:  Second Sunday – Preparation

The theme for our efforts on this second Sunday of Advent, is Preparation, emphasizing purification.  As we continue our pilgrimage toward higher levels of consciousness, we recall that focusing on practices quickens our inner awareness. We can use disciplines that either add, or subtract from our everyday life. Some practices take away activities or pleasures; others add new ones. As we light our second lavender candle, we are adding ideas to induce pondering and progressing toward the Holy Birth.

If you are joining us on this second Sunday, and just beginning this practice, may I suggest spending at least one day working on our first theme of Expectation.

Try stimulating a sense of excitement, or enthusiasm for the Advent Experience, before moving forward. The second day begin the lighting of the two candles for the second week. If someone joins the process later, they should always spend some time contemplating the previous themes as they seek to catch up.

If we were preparing to receive a new born physical baby, we would have a nice clean bassinet, clean clothes for the new arrival, and a special place in which to care for the newborn. The work in caring for a new born is no less significant in preparing for a newborn “consciousness”.

This week we shall practice self-observation. Preparing our emotional nature, in presenting it to the divine, is a giant step. We begin with purification of the astral (feeling) nature. I suggest that you write in a notebook, (a regular composition notebook is fine) call it your Book of Reflections.  The point is to learn to reflect upon our emotions rather than rationalize, justify, blame, or feel shame. While studying to discover what kind of energy moves through us, we will be objective and reflective about “how” and “why”.

Thus, we discover our personal style and our reactions. We learn “where we are” and particularly, what are our vulnerabilities. We note “where” and “when” the astral body gets so unstable that we lose control, become too rigid or loses our ability to care.  We choose to do none of these, as we gradually learn to live somewhere on the middle road path.  We can both maintain boundaries and still be generous and love-caring.

When we know what we need to release, our preparation begins in healing whatever it is that holds us in restriction. If I realize I am afraid, I begin seeking ways to build confidence. If I realize I am angry and can see the cause, and then I seek healing by forgiving. If I realize that my ability to share means that my heart is limited, I practice “caring” until it opens and love can flows more freely through my being.

Preparation for being a Wise One, a sage, begins by removing obstacles that block the flow. This may be one huge piece that must be gotten out of the way, or there may be many smaller obstacles.  Making a list of insights that surface, or choose a particular area that you need to address, either may be helpful. Think of this preparation and purification stage as unblocking a pipe choked with many pebbles. We remove what we can to allow a trickle of grace to begin flowing. Grace has lots of names: love, caring, kindness, gratitude, and numerous others. As we release the restrictions that we have identified, we prepare ourselves to discover our blessing.

Luke 3: 4-6:

Prepare the way of the Lord!
Make his paths straight!
Every valley shall be filled,

and every mountain and hill shall be brought low,
and the crooked shall be made straight,
and the rough ways shall be made smooth;
And all flesh shall see the salvation of God.

Remember that “salvation” is the healing of the separation between the Creator and humankind. This means God, the Divine Wholeness, and I, are on the journey together. Salvation comes from the Latin word salvus, meaning safe. Salvation brings healing to humanity.  It’s what we need, so that we can live in a greater state of grace seeking greater harmony and peace between the “inner” and the “outer”. We seek enlightenment that we might perceive or at least, learn to trust a higher plan. We clear the emotional level of our nature and bring forth the healing of scar tissue, old bruises, and restrictions.

Sometimes, we forget that the Great Life works through, and with, human beings. This is a great truth modeled for us in the life of Christ Jesus. Your insights are always assisting you in the ongoing experience of life. Your “inner prophet” works with you as you find the emerging next steps.

Let us begin: Pick an area you are ready to improve, or choose a quality you wish to transform.  Know that all transformation may not happen this week, but the change can be set into motion. As the Work, which it is called, is named and embraced, we can more easily spot the challenges or hindrances when they appear. We are now alert to these concerns while knowing that we are dedicated to making change.

The New Testament is about loving. The Master Jesus teaches us that love is a great tool-the fulfillment of the law. Although, it does not always stay with this theme of love.  The New Testament is our tool as we are in the process of making change, because it is also a history book. We will use “love” to assist us in opening our hearts to the grace of God as we invoke help from Sophia, the Holy Spirit of Wisdom.

Thessalonians 5: 19-23

Do not quench the Spirit, do not despise prophesying but test everything:
hold fast what is good, abstain from every kind of negativity (evil).
May the God of peace himself sanctify you wholly; and may your spirit and soul and
body be kept sound and blameless at the coming of our Lord.

Ask these questions of yourself:

·          Who do you need to forgive? Yourself? Others?
·          Where do you need to reach out to change a situation?
·          Where do you need to let go?
·          How are you going to make internal adjustments, as well as outer ones?

Write in your Book of Reflections; do not lose these valuable thoughts.

A great deal of healing can occur by writing simple notes to folks that especially need personal recognition from you. Do not be attached to reactions or results. Just write briefly from your heart with sincerity. You do not even have to send the notes, but writing them is necessary. This is the first step.

Now that some areas which need healing or harmonizing have been identified, dare to choose an area, where you maintain control,  and think about flexing in some way. Where can you “give in”

Third Sunday – Hope and Joy

Our theme for this third Sunday of Advent is Hope and Joy. This is a reminder that positive energy uplifts, and sustains us as we make effort. It carries also, a particular kind of encouragement and reminds us that as we grow we will need time, and practice from time and time again.

Without hope, healing cannot happen. Hope is the eternal flame that must be fanned for us to keep “keeping on”. So, today, we light our third candle. It is the pink one for Love, Hope and Joy… all this positive emotion is needed to hold high the awareness of the great achievements for which humanity is designed. Our goal is to be Christed One. As we proceed on our quest, we go like the Seven Dwarfs singing, “It’s off to work we go, and a ho, ho, ho, it’s off to work we go.” We do not deny the effort our path requires, nor can we expect sympathy or reward for our efforts. We are similar to the caterpillar deep within the cocoon. The outer world sees very little of us, but deep inside we are changing from the grub into the butterfly that is our true nature.

We’re happy, and we know it; we’re becoming, and we show it. Joy is on our faces as we live day by day, the best that we can. Scripture thoughts for today are three: First, we will read the Old Testament thoughts about reminding us to keep up our spirits. the word has always been “to trust in the Divine” in some way.

Zephaniah 3:14
Sing, 0 daughter of Zion; shout, 0 Israel; be glad and rejoice with all the heart, O daughter of Jerusalem.
Recall the daughter is the Earth herself, and she is to be like a beautiful bell that is “ringing out” her song.  Next we read the New Testament words:

Philippians 4: 4-7
Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.
Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.
Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with
thanksgiving, let your requests be made known unto God.

And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep your
hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

I love the word, Rejoice.  It is the word that my own inner teacher uses when he completes a message. Rejoice is a command to each of us to rejoice in our lives; it’s our quest, and opportunity to become. Not because life is easy; it will never be. We can learn to rejoice “in spite of whatever that means. Secondly we read:

Luke 3; verse 11 – 14
11) He said unto them, He that hath two coats, let him impart to him that hath none; and he that hath meat, let him do likewise.
13) Exact no more than that which is appointed you.
14) What shall we do? And he said unto them. Do violence to no man neither accuse any falsely; and be content with your wages.
Let’s pick up on this idea of being content because that is the beginning of clarity.

In clarity, we can feel hope and find joy. Hope is to hold on to the positive as taught by Sophia (God’s holy wisdom), we know this most often as the Holy Spirit and we discover that when Wisdom lives in our heart, she births three daughters, (Faith, Hope, and Charity). Remember, when we have Wisdom (Sophia, God’s Holy Wisdom), we will, also have Faith, Hope and Charity.

Short definitions for faith, hope, and charity are:
Faith…finding answers in the heart,
Hope…holding onto the positive, and
Charity…give the other the benefit of doubt.

Peace is existence with Faith, Hope, and Charity, and without anxiety. We each need peace in our lives to find joy. Peace is a state of mind, and not a physical condition. We have dubbed peace as a time without physical war, but, actually, it is a state of mind whether it be regarding one concern or many.

Joy is not happiness, but the juice of the soul as it feeds/nurtures the personality. Joy is the result of inner contact. We speak of it as the “droplets of joy“that we experience in meditation. As we are sitting quietly, and waiting on the Inner Lord to vibrate the presence of the Divine that is with us in some kind of way, and we can make note of the presence as we are wait. We may detect a thought or we may not; our task is to sit quietly and learn “to wait on the Lord”. We must learn to live through experiences without being ruled by anxiety if we would be joy-filled.

Bible stories are looked at with the highest perception that we can bring to them at any given time. I recently ran across a reading by Joan D. Chittister, “In the Heart of the Temple,” in which she writes regarding the Samaritan Woman at the Well:

“The Samaritan woman was an ordinary woman doing ordinary things who
got an extraordinary insight into the fullness of life and was given an
extraordinary task in a pagan world and they listened to her.

She was a prophet, an unacceptable evangelist, a powerless figure, an
apostle without portfolio. She wasn’t a man – yet and she was to give the
greatest testimony of all time.

She wasn’t a Jew – and she was to announce the .Messiah. She was neither
politician nor priest, and she was given the gift of understanding and living
water and power and empowerment. And they listened to her.

Likewise, there is a revolution going on in today’s church [I might add our society], as well. Like the Samaritan woman, people, very ordinary people, are discovering the energy, insight, and power that comes with the spiritual life. It happens that when the Holy Spirit gets out of the chanceries and into the world, quite ordinary people are spiritually empowered to seize some gospel decisions of their own.

They’ve come to some spiritual conclusions: that racism and sexism are sinful; that peace is possible; that socialism is not that bad; that hard capitalism is not all good; that authority has limits and the Word of God lives in each of us.

Because Jesus [Spirituality] has turned their very ordinary selves and their very ordinary lives into an extraordinary awareness of the Presence of God – that is in them as well as in the powers that be.

They have discovered the spirituality that empowers them, like the Samaritan woman, and they will not be silenced.” [Bracketed comments in the above are this author’s.]

What is it that the inner nature waits for? It waits for your innermost attention.

Because we know this is the time, approaching Advent, of the closeness of the Great Sun Being, we know the Solar Deity is close at hand. We want to be in right relationship with the Presence. We sit quietly while learning to be content to sit. We are each to become the handmaiden or manservant of the Great One.

Can we imagine that every morning a fresh vibration is sent out to sustain us?

Why is it that we do not sit down with our cup and catch that energy? Do we not know how? Do we not believe this to be so? Have we lost our way? Do we have misplaced values? Are we too busy to receive our blessings? As we experience this Sunday’s theme of Hope and Joy, we will be daring and willing to ponder what is it that keeps us from better participation in the known steps toward transformation, transmutation, and transfiguration. Is it that this wondrous process has not been our highest priority? Is it time for a re-thinking so we can make some re-evaluation of what might be our Soul purpose?

It is not everyone’s purpose to move elsewhere, to join a church, or even go to school; although I might personally love that. Some are to work in the world to learn and transform it by their kind and sensitive presence. To others, it is their job to make money (and to support the agencies or individuals who are doing the Holy Work), or to do volunteer service, and support the work of the Masters as it is perceived through their own inner senses. Each of us has a reason for being, and as we discover this, we discover HOPE and JOY. For this we walk through Advent with dedication.

“And the angel said to them. “Be not afraid; for behold I bring you good news of a great joy which will come to all the people” –not just for some, but for all.

We accept the message of good news. We know it is possible for the Presence to be born in us, and we shall mature that Precious Point of Consciousness toward a greater fullness. We rejoice and give thanks.

A nice practice to deepen the Advent process is to read Christmas Cards out-loud. When you finish each, pause and say a brief prayer, or send positive energy to the individual who has thought of you in this kind way. You will begin to be more conscious yourself while sending Christmas Cards to others. Sending them not just unconsciously or duty bound, but knowing that you are learning to be a more conscious being, no longer living by rote or just because others do this.

Fourth Week of Advent – Identification

We rejoice in this fourth Sunday’s theme of Identification, and as such we must focus more clearly on what it means to be Christed. If we would want to identify with the Christ Child, we first need to understand how to identify with someone with which we have something in common.

In order to identify with Christ Jesus, humanity tells the story of his birth; we, too, each have a birth story, which we have probably heard many time. We each then matured into one who could identify with new conditions in a family and/or new phases in our life – each stage does require some preparation.

Last Sunday, we recognized the importance of hope and joy as we sought ways to face life with its many kinds of experiences. We realize we need to be conscious and to know how to touch into the Divine so we are able to sense the Presence. As we seek to identify we realize each moment is new and to be savored and experienced as fully as possible. We learn to treasure the inner self, and to understand the Presence within can work through us just as the Presence within Master Jesus worked through him. We realize, “It is not ourselves, but the Christ within who does the work.”

We utter, “Let the mind that is in Christ Jesus be likewise in me.” We will identify with the highest and holy in our awareness, so that indeed, our life might reflect that Spirit of God within each of us and to All. We are a divine being in disguise quietly going about our business until we have the inner prompting to become more apparent. But even as we do our work rather quietly, we know as conscious beings that we multiply our impact upon the human collective.

Mary Gray, author of Gateway to Liberation, taught that humanity needs fear, hatred, and pain to keep it from receding into materialism altogether. I believe pain pushes us toward higher emotions, likewise to give us another perspective. Because we have suffered, we can have compassion for the other who suffers. Because we have felt pain, we would like to minimize the pain another feels.  And out of our struggle to control life, and to stop the pain, suffering, or hostility, we break through into a sensed awareness of the something more that is possible for Life itself. And we begin to quest. We are being moved along whether we can see it or not.

We stand today in much the same position as the people of the changing of the age from Aries to Pisces (Jesus’ time). There were many who were expecting the coming of the Messiah. But how would they know? Some did and some did not. The wise men were courageous enough to seek. They followed the star that seemed to be leading them to the long awaited Holy One. You and I likewise are preparing ourselves for the discovery of the Christ within.

We have moved through expectancy, preparation, hope and joy and now we learn we must identify with the Christ to go further. We cannot become something without first identifying with it – we have to be at least on a harmonic with it. We know we must choose a spiritual path, embrace self-discipline, open our hearts and minds, and learn to see the Christ in others. As an interfaith person, I would say it this way: to see the divine presence within the other.

As we light this candle for the fourth Sunday of Advent, let us ponder how to identify with the Christ in our lives today. How can we let the Christ look through our eyes, work through our hands, and love through our heart?

Sometimes this fourth candle is called the Candle of Peace- only when we allow the Christ to dwell within us can we find peace, true peace. Let us ponder “identification as one with the Christ”’ this morning. Scripture used for the fourth Advent Sunday might be:

Luke 11:9-13:

9) And I say unto you Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.
10) For every one that asks, receives, and he that seeks finds; and to him that knocks it shall be opened.
11) If a son shall ask bread from any of you that is a father, will he give him  a stone? or if he asks a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent?
12) or if he shall ask an egg, will he offer him a scorpion?
13) if ye then, being evil (unripe) know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?

And the truest verses (supposedly spoken by Christ Jesus) that encourage us to seek that holy resonance within ourselves we read:

John 15:12-14, and 16
12) This is my commandment: That ye love one another, as I have loved you.
13) Greater love hath no man than this that a man (human) lay down his life for his friends.
14) Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you.

Then one more verse:
16) Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained (endorsed) you, that ye should go and bring forth.

Our question is: What has the Greater Lord asked the Inner Lord to do while we are on our journey from the world of matter unto the-higher vibrating world of spirit?

As we focus on Identification this Sunday, and light the remaining advent candle, we are, in as many ways as possible, realizing all life is made up of various states of Consciousness. We experience the frequency of our thoughts, wherever we are focused, we attract and experience the pain, joy, or peace that vibration has to give. We do not have to make our process complicated. In fact, the simpler we can make our lives the more likely we are to stay with the focus or themes we have selected.

In Meditation training as we focus on a quality, and attune to it, time and time again, we grow that quality within ourselves. By attunement we begin to note whenever we sense that quality or aspect, whether within ourselves or within another, we come to recognize that frequency, and we can tell when we are in harmony with it or when we are not.

Identification holds before us the goal of allowing the Christ within to have room in which to grow. We feed it, exercise it, and release from our nature that which itis not. In such a way we have walked through the Advent Season more consciously than perhaps ever before. We have felt the sense of expectancy, done the preparation, rejoiced in hope and joy, and identified as best we can invoking our prayer, “Let the mind that is in Christ Jesus be also in me.”

I am reminded of a famous saying by a wise one whose name I cannot recall at the moment. Spiritual awakening is “When the Mind slips down into the heart.”

Likewise, when your values shift and you are ready to have no other gods before you, the Christ Within is maturing. This means each of us have a Divine Within and we are ready to recognize it.  Metaphysical teachings urge us to practice something until we become it. If we consciously Identify with the Christed Ones, we have a chance of becoming one, otherwise we have difficulty in finding the doorway. Identification (to be one with) creates the door to higher realities.

Enjoy looking at the four lit candles.. Take a moment and just feel your heart swell with love.   It has been a pleasure to spend Advent with you. As we have linked ourselves together, we have created a string of Christmas lights spread out across our country and around the globe. Each of us shines a bit brighter when we work together.

God bless each of you, dear friends, and let’s keep our lights May peace fill your Life.


If interested, I have audio devotions for the Twelve Days of Christmas, Dec 26, through Jan 6, the feast of Epiphany. It is a recorded teaching for each day.

These CD’s are for sale for $30.00 a set. , please call our office at 918-453-0250.

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